An Interview with Tim Chizmar about “Naked Alien Massacre”!

Tim Chizmar is a force to be reckoned with. His passion and zeal are infectious and unavoidable. Most creative people I know are multi-tiered, meaning they work in several different mediums. Tim’s ho exception, currently working on what promises to be a future genre cult classic film Naked Alien Massacre, and also an upcoming novel. We met at a group I Co-Chair, the Los Angeles Chapter of the Horror Writers Association. We hit it off, and I soon found myself bucking my semi-retirement from filmmaking and working on the Kickstarter videos for his movie. Of course, me being me, I became fascinated with this intriguing character. Having had many comic friends, and knowing Tim was hanging around us horror writers, I wanted to see what made him tick. Enjoy this interview, and please check out the Kickstarter for the movie. Happy Alien Hunting!

1. Can you tell us a little bit about Naked Alien Massacre? 
Sure. Happy to!
Think: “Naked and Afraid” meets the original “Predator”.

Synopsis: Conservative young college student Allair Buck has a crush on her art class nude model, but when she finds out he’s more than an artist’s model–he’s actually a nudist–she’s shocked out of her comfort zone! Then he invites her to spend their first weekend together at a nudist resort…well she never expected it would cause her to come to terms with her own body image issues all the while fighting to stay alive from evil “clothes hating” Demonic Aliens that are out to skin and terrorize anyone daring to wear clothes!

Tagline: “Finally, an Original Horror Movie with Balls!”

NAKED ALIEN MASSACRE is a thrilling new horror feature film garnering the interest of domestic as well as international distributors, and is produced by DrittyBoro Studios & Derek Easley Entertainment, as well as World Media Revolution, all in association with the nudist lifestyle website The owner recently won the American Assoc for Nude Recreation “Man of the Year” award for his activism on the subject.

Directed by horror writer / real life nudist TIM CHIZMAR who also co-wrote the screenplay with comedian Kevin Lahaie. The Producing side will be Tim along with Derek Easleyand Executive Producer Judy Karman. Featuring original music from WOODSON and nudist activist / singer Ton Dao.

Many well known personalities will be providing cameos including WWE / TNA / ROH Superstars ROB VAN DAM, NIGEL McGUINNESS, KATARINA LEIGH WATERS, as well as TROMA Entertainment’s own LLOYD KAUFMAN, classic scream queens including LYNN LOWRY and the star of the original “I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE” goddess CAMILLE KEATON. If that’s not enough we also have Showtime’s starlit CHRISTINE NGUYEN, and many top young talents within the top 10,000 on IMDb’s Starmeter.

On the tech side we have Emmy winning editors, and even Special FX provided by 2-time Oscar-winning art director JERYD POJAWA. Whose credits included THE ABYSS, TERMINATOR 2, ED WOOD, etc. Post-Production to be handled by Hollywood’s own Beachwood Cottage Film & Music.

NAKED ALIEN MASSACRE is being developed as a franchise, following along the lines of this recent wave of nudist-themed and related popular programming such as GIRLS, NAKED AND AFRAID, VH1’s NAKED DATING, etc. The movie will be shot at a real life nudist resort; beautiful OLIVE DELL RANCH FAMILY NUDIST RESORT, found in sunny southern California. 

Trust us there’s never been a movie like this. Ever.

This movie has been promoted recently at the American Film Market, WonderCon, LA Times Festival of Books, Long Beach Acting & Film Assoc, through various WWE events, Newport Beach Film Festival, National Cable & Telecommunications Association Conference, and much more.


2. How did the project start? Where did the idea come from? 

It adjusted many times over the years from being an HBO-style drama on life at a nudist resort, to finally adding components of comedy and horror to it. I’m a very active nudist and proud supporter of the nonsexual family nudist environment, having personally seen the benefits it has on a persons confidence and growth. It’s written by comedian and horror fan KEVIN LAHAIE, as well as myself.

3. What can we expect from the movie?

Boners and Boobs.. I’m kidding. It’s a tale set at a Nudist Resort (we are actually shooting a real one that I frequent) and it features a girl coming to terms with accepting and loving her body all the while falling in love for the first time as fighting to survive from evil clothes hating aliens. Ya know…the usual Hollywood story. *wink

4. You’re a talented stand up comic, as well as a great storyteller. I often feel comics have the most difficult job: making people laugh. But so many comics also have tremendous dark sides. Do you?

Yes. Comedy grows from a DARK place, it’s true, my parents are convicted felons. My mother attempted to kill a man, and carved him up with many stabs and slices, while my dad was a bit of a drug kingpin. I grew up in a crazy (I know people say that.. but I mean it) crazy household, and it gave me issues I’d dealt with in therapy, and still do to this day. Lucky me: in stand up I approached because I’d have partnership that ended badly or fell apart, and I was attracted because on stage, it’s simply me and a mic. I liked that ownership. I’ve been a pro Headlining comedian for about seven years, and in that time, I’ve been on Comedy Central, NBC, Fox, Showtime, CMT, and more, as well as shot a bunch of pilots that never aired, so I’m going back to my love of Horror (worked with TROMA, Full Moon, etc.) by creating art for myself about a cause I believe in, and I’m hoping to scare some folks along the way.

5. In addition to directing a movie, you’ve got a novel coming out, right? Can you tell us anything about it? A teaser?

YESSSSSSSSSSSS. I’m so excited about it! It’s called SOUL TRAITOR and its about a Demon sales person in Hell selling souls as commodities. I assure you that, along with NAKED ALIEN MASSACRE, this, too, will be very original and unique. Plus it will have an intro by my buddy, WWE Wrestler Rob Van Dam, which is fun. Aside from that, my short story, “Libby” is featured in HELL COMES TO HOLLYWOOD 2, coming soon.

6. There’s a new way where people can actually act like Patrons for up and coming, and not-so up and coming, artists like yourself. Can you tell us about the NAM Kickstarter campaign? Any exclusives? What can genre fans expect? 
We put a lot of work into it, so the best way to check it out is for you swing by and watch the videos on the page yourself.
Please SHARE our message and CONTRIBUTE if you can to make our movie a reality. The first ever real nudist horror film. It’s up to you!
7. Where can people connect with you? 
I’m on Facebook: TIM Chizmar or Tim Chizmar, or email me at: TimChizmarProductions@Gmail.comI hate Twitter, but my co-producer DEREK EASLEY runs one at @NakedAlienMovie so drop him a line.
…………………………………….BIOGRAPHY:When TIM CHIZMAR was a child he lost himself in evil, scary books. One day, a morally righteous librarian refused to let him take out his books. Reading about demons, be-headings, and cannibalism wasn’t the norm in Linesville, Pennsylvania. When Tim brought his mother there, she insisted that her son be allowed to read WHATEVER HE WANTED. This upset the librarian, so she looked his mother in the eye and said, “Your son is going to grow up to be a great horror writer one day…OR A SERIAL KILLER.” As of this writing, Tim hasn’t killed anyone…YET…but he has written and sold many screenplays in Hollywood. When he’s not burying bodies, Tim is a writer, director, producer, and comedian living in Los Angeles. He is the Director, Producer, and co-writer of NAKED ALIEN MASSACRE. What drives Tim’s success is knowing that somewhere in Pennsylvania a librarian is praying for his soul.TIM AT LOVITZ


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