WIDOWMAKERS to include “Splinterette”

WidowmakersFellow author James Newman suffered a serious medical setback recently, and many of his author friends banded together, through the amazing Pete Kahle, to assemble an anthology helping with James’s medical bills. I’m thrilled to have been able to give “Splinterette” to the anthology. I wrote the story several years ago in a Cupertino, California hotel room, in one of my beloved Moleskine notebooks, looking out at some rather intimidating trees. I held onto the story, as it was just so weird and didn’t seem a natural fit. Now, with the loose theme of Widowmakers being that James was hurt by a tree, I thought this would be a perfect place. So I typed it up, and off it went.

James also wrote one my favorite books of the past five years, “The Wicked.” Here’s some of his work at his Amazon Author Page. http://www.amazon.com/James-Newman/e/B0082Z5L18/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1406995284&sr=1-2-ent

Last? Here’s the Table of Contents of WIDOWMAKERS, in alphabetical order. Thrilled to have authors I love, and many good friends, on this list.

1. Blake Burkhead – “Widowmaker” (poem)
2. Bracken MacLeod – “In the Bones”
3. Brandon Ford – “A Walk in the Park”
4. Brett Williams – “Moonshine”
5. Brian Hodge – “Our Lady of Sloth and Scarlet Ivy”
6. Brian Keene – “The Ghosts of Monsters”
7. Charles R Rutledge – “The Beautiful Lady Without Pity: A Carnacki the Ghost-Finder Adventure”
8. Donn Gash – “Medicine Man”
9. Ed Kurtz – “Angel and Grace”
10. Elizabeth Massie – “Fear of Fish”
11. Evans Light – “Arboreatum” (novella)
12. Gary A. Braunbeck – “Iphigenia”
13. Gary Fry – “The Lurker”
14. Glen Krisch – “Gram Knows”
15. J.F. Gonzalez – “Home”
16. Jack Bantry – “Vegetarians Don’t Bite”
17. James A. Moore – “Dead Gods – Book One” (novella)
18. Jeff Strand – “Death to Trees!”
19. Jenny Orosel – “Peggy Sang the Blues”
20. Joe Miles – The Monster”
21. John Palisano – “Splinterette”
22. Kit Power – “Baptism”
23. Mark Allan Gunnells – Santa’s Little Spy”
24. Mary Genevieve Fortier – “Beyond this Tangled, Loathsome Wood” (poem)
25. Maurice Broaddus – “Collateral Casualties”
26. Mercedes Murdock Yardley – “She Called Him Sky”
27. Michelle Garza & Melissa Lason – “A Church in the Middle of Nowhere”
28. Mir Plemmons – “Deafening Silence”
29. Norman Prentiss – “Burls”
30. Patrick Lacey – “The Lynnwood Vampires”
31. Paul Anderson – “Grownups”
32. Pete Kahle – “Meeting Momma”
33. Peter Giglio – “Cages”
34. Ray Garton – “The Guy Down the Street” (novelette)
35. Robert Essig – “Molting”
36. Ronald Kelly – “Impressions in Oak”
37. Rose Blackthorn – “Contemplating Corners” (poem)
38. Shane McKenzie – “Don’t You Want to Play with Us?”
39. Shawna L. Bernard – “Late Lunch at The Eddie Bear”
40. Sheri White – “Things Happen Here After Dark”
41. TG Arsenault – God Be Damned”
42. Tim Marquitz – “Sperare Victor”
43. Tim Waggoner – “Conversations Kill”
44. Todd Kiesling – “When Karen Met Her Mountain” (novelette)
45. Tom Martin – “The Kid in the Werewolf Mask”
46. Tracy L Carbone – “Hazel’s Twin”
47. Usman Tanveer Malik – “Hearts in Reverse”


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