“The Revival of Stephen Tell” in TALES FROM THE LOST Volume II alongside Gaiman, Hill, and others

New story alert! “The Revival of Stephen Tell” will be appearing in TALES FROM THE LOST Volume II alongside authors such as Joe Hill, Neil Gaiman, Heather Graham, Tim Lebbon, and more. The full table of contents is below.

“The Revival of Stephen Tell” centers around an up-close magic show, where performer Stephen Tell seems to unfold panels on his head, transporting both his audience and himself into a macabre, shadow realm.

TALES OF THE LOST: VOLUME TWO AND VOLUME THREE Edited by Bram Stoker Award Winner Eugene Johnson and Shirley Jackson award nominated author Steve Dillon. Coming Later in 2020 from Things in the Well and Plaid Dragon Publishing. With cover art by the brilliant Francois Vaillancourt, and interior art by the amazing Luke Spooner.

We lose many things during our time in this universe. From the moment we are born we start losing time, and loss becomes a part of our life from the beginning. We lose friends (both imaginary and real), loved ones, pets, and family. We gain stuff and lose stuff, from our socks to our money. We can lose our hope, sanity, passions, our mind, and perhaps even our soul! In the end when death finds us, we end up losing everything… Don’t we?

Loss is part of who we are. We can’t escape it. We learn from it, grow from it, and so much more. Some of the greatest stories ever forged come from loss. Within this book is some of those stories


Forever by Tim Waggoner
Someone Lost, Someone Saved by Heather Graham
Scritch Scratch by Ben Monroe
Cracks by Chris Mason
20th Century Ghost by Joe Hill
Three Rooms With Hellitrope by Kaaron Warren
Home Theater by Vince Liaguno
lost Little Girl by Christina Sng
Mr. Forget-Me-Not by Alexis Kirkpatrick
The Revival Of Stephen Tell by John Palisano
Case Of The Wendigo by Tracy Cross
Don’t Ask Jack by Neil Gaiman
Here’s Our Tragic Heroine by Matthew R. Davis
October by Lucy A. Synder
Unforseen by Greg Champman
The Deals We Make by Lisa Morton
A Hole In The World by Tim Lebbon and Christopher Golden


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