Urgent! Please check out the My Peculiar Family Kickstarter!

With a week left to go, the “My Peculiar Family” Kickstarter campaign has a lot of ground to cover. I’m thrilled to have a new piece, “The Space Between” included. This story takes place in the semi-fictional Connecticut town of Whistleville, loosely based on Norwalk, my hometown. Whistleville has featured in many of my stories, and especially in my first novel “Nerves”.

“The Space Between” tells the story of a young composer who struggles at work at a hat factory by day, and who finally has one of his compositions performed, only there are some rather horrendous results to its listeners. It was fantastic researching the details from a few hundred years back, and the project what Whistleville may have been like.

I was first asked to appear in “My Peculiar Family” quite a while ago, and its setup was irresistible, and the story immediately came to mind. I sure hope that “My Peculiar Family” receives the funding it deserves, and that readers will be able to read “The Space Between” and the other stories in this volume. Below is more about the book, the contributors, and where you can go to learn even more. Please do consider being a patron for this project, and sharing helps more than we can say.


This anthology features original never before seen stories by:

Christopher Golden and James A. Moore, Stacey Longo, Jason J. Mooers, Robert Mayette,William Meikle, F. Allen Farnham, Samantha Boyette, David Schechter, Rob Watts, Kristi McDowell, Karen Gosselin, George O’Conner, Derrick Belanger, Bracken MacLeod, John Pallisano and Tracy Hickman.

Original artwork by Peter  Vinton, Jr. and Sara Richard

The individual stories are based entirely on a package each author was given containing a tintype, a name and an occupation/fact about that person.  And yes, some of those tintypes are the ones we found in the attic that fateful day.The stories run the gamut of genres from fantasy to science fiction to horror and beyond, simply based on the  the authors inspiration from the picture.This book represents the combined efforts of 18 talented writers, 2 amazing artists and a dedicated editorial staff. The funds raised will go directly to them and cover production costs. After fulfillment the book will be available for purchase on the Sci Fi Saturday night website.

Join us as we discover the stories of My Peculiar Family.



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