“Splinterette” makes the Bram Stoker Awards Preliminary Ballot

Splinterette graphic

“Splinterette” was selected for the Preliminary Ballot of the Bram Stoker Awards this year. I’m thrilled. There are so many wonderful works on the ballot this year. The field of horror literature is filled with so many fantastic stories. I love it, and am honored to be among those stories chosen. “Splinterette” originally appeared in the charity anthology WIDOWMAKERS, benefitting author James Newman, and edited by Peter Kahle. Please consider purchasing a copy to help out James and his family. Oddly, “Splinterette” is a story about a rather ominous tree creature, and James had an unfortunate encounter with a massive falling branch that hospitalized him. The story was written in Cupertino, California, during a rare cold spell. I don’t wish to speak too much more about it, and would rather it unfold before you, just like Splinterette’s branches…

You can read it here by clicking the SPLINTERETTE PDF link! Thank you!


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