MADHOUSE IndieGOGO launches…hits 1/3rd of funding in less than 24 hours!


Holy Smokes! The IndieGOGO campaign for the MADHOUSE anthology is nearing $5000 after less than 24 hours. I’m astounded by the reaction. The cover art by Aeron Alfrey is wonderful. His covers for the Thomas Ligotti re-issues for Subterranean are dark magic at its finest, and these are equally as exquisite.

There are some really fun perks: a pill bottle with sand and a prescription inside, exclusive editions of the book, the chance for John Skipp to kill you, the chance for your name to be included in a story, or for your face to adorn one of the walls of the nervous hospital. Very cool!

“Release”, a brand new short story of mine, is included, alongside some amazing authors. John Skipp, Mercedes Yardley, Christopher Conlon, Lisa Morton, Jeff Strand, Rena Mason, Meghan Arcuri, Max Xavier, Sam W. Anderson, R.B. Payne, Robin Spriggs, Kim Despins, G. Daniel Gunn, to name a few, with a meta-story and edited by Brad C. Hodson and Ben Etheridge, and R.J. Cavender.


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