“Widowmakers” is now live


Honored to have a brand new story, “Splinterette”, in this wonderful anthology, benefitting a fantastic author, James Newman. This is the Kindle version, with all proceeds going to James. The paperback will be out in about three weeks.

James: “Most of you know all about my accident back on April 27. But have you heard what 49 of my fellow writers (many of them my favorites, guys I grew up reading!) did for my family, to help with our medical costs?

THIS. This is what they did for us, and Glenda and I will NEVER forget it. It’s called WIDOWMAKERS, and I’m gonna go out on a limb (get it?  ) and say it’ll be one of the fattest anthologies ever published — over 700 pages, 200,000+ words!!! Check it out, friends . . . the e-book is up for pre-order now, and there’s also a paperback on the way in about 3 weeks . . . .

THANK YOU: Pete KahleKeith MinnionBlake CrutchfieldBracken MacLeodBrandon FordBrett WilliamsBrian HodgeBrian Keene,Charles R RutledgeDonn GashEd KurtzElizabeth MassieEvans Light,Gary A. BraunbeckGary FryGlen KrischJesus F. GonzalezJack Bantry,James A. MooreJeff StrandJenny OroselJoe MilesJohn PalisanoKit PowerMark Allan GunnellsMary G. Fortier-Schütz IIMaurice Broaddus,Mercedes Murdock YardleyMichelle GarzaMelissa LasonNorman PrentissPaul AndersonPeter GiglioRay GartonRobert EssigRonald KellyRose BlackthornShane McKenzieSydney LeighSheri WhiteTG ArsenaultTim WaggonerTodd KeislingTracy L Carbone, and the handful of folks I couldn’t tag for whatever reason. You are all wonderful human beings, and I will never be able to fully convey my gratitude for what you have done for my family. God bless you all, from the bottom of my heart.”

Here’s the link:


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