Hellnotes reviews CHIRAL MAD 2 and “The Geminis”

Popular site Hellnotes has put up a very insightful review of Chiral Mad 2. I agree with giving editor Michael Bailey a lot of credit. He created an amazing cover and crafted one of the most fun introductions of a horror anthology I’ve read recently. His immersion into creativity is inspiring, and I’m so grateful and blessed for him directing a story out of me. Michael really made me reach down deep and give it my everything. The Geminis really explores what it means to love and be in love, and how powerful that can be–especially in warding off some rather nasty things. Because even the devil loves to dance.

“John Palisano, a Bram Stoker Nominee [It’s made the preliminary ballot. We’ll know early next week if it advances to the final ballot.] at the time of this review, delivers with squeamish delight.  His addition to this phenomenal anthology, “The Geminis,” uses chiral and its meaning with an eerie eloquence. His words are poetic and descriptive. Imagery does not stand alone in Palisano’s voice but draws emotion from the reader—deep unfettered emotion, with a cry from somewhere deep within the psyche.” –Mary Genevieve Fortier



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