CAPTURED SOULS book trailer

Here’s a book trailer for Sephera Giron’s latest Captured Souls. I found this book insanely creepy and had one point in the middle where I literally had to look away and read later. Like the quotes say: this is kind of like a female Frankenstein, working on the perfect lover, and things go south from there. Yours truly supplied the video editing and the new track from SHAME, my electronic music project, provided the theme.

The description of the book:

Can science create the perfect lover? Or only a living hell?

Dr. Miriam Frederick is a brilliant professor at a large university. But her latest experiments are decidedly unsanctioned and far more chilling than anyone could imagine. She is determined to answer questions that have plagued mankind for millennia. What is love? What is lust?

Her first specimen is an author with a gift for language. Specimen Two is an athlete with amazing endurance. Specimen Three provides physical beauty. But once she has trapped her subjects, her twisted attempt to create the perfect lover will have unexpected—and nightmarish—results, not just for her captives, but for her as well.

Here’s the trailer:

And a link to grab the book, if what you see helps convince you.



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