CHIRAL MAD 2 – Book Trailer

Chiral 2 Trailer Shot

Here’s a book trailer for CHIRAL MAD 2.

The creative process took some time for this piece. It began with the music. A dilemma. What does chiral sound like? Cranked up the synthesizers and played until stumbling into a sound, and then, a rhythm. Layered the tracks and demoed. Then, realized the second half of the song would have to be like the first, only slightly different. Things that are chiral are quite similar, yet, are not mirror images. The most famous examples are hands, eyes, and ears. Did my best to try this with music, as well. First, the attempts sounded horrendous, so it was done with more subtlety. This is published by my electronic music outfit, presently named SHAME.

From there, sculpting the images took time. Several were used over and over, but flipped, with artistic effects added. There’s a slight story to it. A young boy begins wide-eyed, but as things progress, his sight is twisted, colored, censored, until he eventually sees a chiral pattern in everything. The patterns were made by feeding outtakes from my in-progress experimental film From The Sky into a video generator and going to town. So every part of this book trailer was made by hand, and none of it was borrowed. Everything was created just for this.

Please check out the finished piece here:

And, of course, if you’re interested in what Chiral reads like, try:


3 thoughts on “CHIRAL MAD 2 – Book Trailer

  1. Reblogged this on xzistenz by dtgriffith and commented:
    New book trailer from my old friend and collaborator John Palisano for Michael Bailey’s latest anthology, Chiral Mad 2. John has taken an interesting direction in experimental film making, feels appropriate for the book’s concept. Check it out!


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