Three new short stories unleashed this week! Massive end-of-year update

It’s been a busy week for me. I’ve got a couple of new book trailers out.

Over on  my YouTube page, there’s new pieces for C. Courtney Joyner’s SHOTGUN, which was an amazing experience. Composing and performing the music was a big challenge, and really feels like I nailed it. It’s currently playing all over the place, including WalMart stores, so look for it.

There’s a piece for Robert S. Wilson’s BLOOD TYPE: An Anthology of Vampire SF on the Cutting Edge, which also features my story, “A River Of Blood, Carried Into The Abyss”, my first published piece of science fiction, which is beyond thrilling for me. Another big thrill is seeing my HWA mentee Usman Malik making his first pro-sale. He’s one to watch. Even Ellen Datlow has noticed! The book also helps Cystic Fibrosis, so please consider supporting it.

I’m trying to drum up some more support for NERVES by creating a new book trailer. I actually shot the footage during my band’s travel to Las Vegas. If you’ve read NERVES, can you please leave a review for the book? At one point, there were over 30 reviews, but many are now missing. Us independent artists need your reviews.

Recently, me and Lisa Morton ventured into Griffith Park one winter night to shoot a teaser trailer for her upcoming epic, NETHERWORLD. It’s a fantastic book, and Lisa’s really kicking butt. Do check it out! Reading her awesome book MALEDICTION right now and loving it, especially the Los Angeles locations.


This week saw the release of three wonderful books: Blood Type: An Anthology of Vampire SF on the Cutting Edge, featuring, “A River Of Blood, Carried Into The Abyss”, and also “The Geminis” in CHIRAL MAD 2. Both these anthologies have some amazing lineups of authors. Last, there’s The Bestiarum Vocabulum from my specialty press Western Legends. I know there’s a prejudice against it, but I will disclose I have a story, “The Kappa” inside. This will be the last Jp story in a Western Legends book for a while, if ever.

Hoping 2014 will finally see the release of another long form project from me. I’ve got three irons in the fire, so here’s hoping one turns out. It’s been just as hard getting the second one out as was the first. Was not expecting that.

Thanks for checking in and reading all this. It’s been a very busy 2013. Next year looks even busier. And who knows? There may be one last thing before the year’s out…


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