Reviews of “Forever”

Recently, there’s been some great reviews of “After Death”, an anthology edited by Eric G. Guignard. I’m thrilled that “Forever” has been touching readers. It was a very difficult story to write. Not technically, but just going to such a place and bringing up some serious emotion from me. Very happy people are reading. I’m biased, but I really love so many of the stories in this collection. Death and dying has always fascinated me, and exploring different ideas of what happens is equally so. I’m not one of those who believes that this is it. Fascinating to think about what it all might mean.

“And in “Forever,” the strongest story in the lot, John Palisano weaves a quilt of sadness, loss, and heartbreak that will leave you reeling. I have no words to express the emotions this tale stirs, but stirs it does and quite violently. Brilliant!”

“Some were even emotional like “Forever” by John Palisano. I admit I cried reading this tale about a woman on her death bed being guided to the afterlife by her pet dog.”

“It was no surprise to me that the John Palisano story “Forever” is as good as it is. I loved Palisano’s novel Nerves, and his stories “Available Light” (Lovecraft EZine) and “The Tennatrick” (Midnight Walk) are some of the best Lovcraftian stories I’ve read. But I wasn’t prepared for how sentimental and wonderful “Forever” is.”

“Forever by John Palisano is a bit different from the other stories in the book. It is a touching, heartwarming, heart wrenching tale that will make you smile and make you cry.”

The original articles are here:

Review: After Death edited by Eric J. Guignard

AFTER DEATH can be grabbed at:


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