“I Know This World” to appear in BLEED


Very happy to announce “I Know This World” will be appearing in this wonderful anthology benefiting Children with cancer. Children are a passion of mine, and I’m thrilled and honored to be able to help in some small way. Here’s more from the publisher:

Pre-Order Here

We are very proud to finally announce the table of contents for our children’s cancer charity anthology – BLEED. Edited by Lori Michelle, this is a book consisting of great short stories, essays, and poems. 45 total authors involved, all profits will go toward helping children who have cancer. This is for all the little girls and boys who fight the good fight everyday. Look for it this September, as its release will coincide with Children’s Cancer Month.

Table of Contents:

Short Stories
“Never Enough” by J. David Anderson
“The Nightly Disease” by Max Booth III
“Red-Wat-Shod” by Jason V. Brock
“Get the Cell Outta Here” by Marian Brooks
“A Billion Monstrosities” by Mort Castle
“King Rat” by James Dorr
“Mr. Expendable” by Peter Dudar
“Welcome to the World Mr. Smiles” by T Fox Dunham
“All the Sludge” by Benjamin Kane Ethridge
“I Am Disease” by Jen Finelli
“Remission” by Charlie Fish
“No Limit” by Peter Giglio and SS Michaels
“The Gift” by Lindsey Beth Goddard
“That Which is Not Seen” by Dane Hatchell
“The Call” by Rick Hautala
“The Lucky Mouth” by Gerry Huntman
“The Unstoppable Annihilation” by Jeffrey C. Jacobs
“March” by Micah Joel
“Goddess of the Moxie Moon” by Absolutely Kate
“Lost and Found” by Patrick Lacey
“Funeral Portrait” by Christian A. Larsen
“The Addition” by Bentley Little
“The Monster in Me” by Suzie Lockhart and Bruce Lockhart
“With Paper Armour and Wood Sword” by Tracie McBride
“Sky of Brass, Land of Iron” by Joe McKinney
“The Sallow Man” by Adam Millard
“Descent” by William Nolan
“Dance of the Blue Lady” by Gene O’Neill
“I Know this World” by John Palisano
“Muted” by Hollie Snider
“Sludge” by Stan Swanson
“Death Knell” by Richard Thomas
“Unwoven” by Tim Waggoner
“Fight” by Jay Wilburn
“Ears” by Eli Wilde
“Dreams of Shadows” by Robert S. Wilson

“Five Little Tips” by Kristin Bryant
“Healing my Cancer through Horror” by T Fox Dunham
“Slippery Love” by April Hawks
“Introduction” by Lori Michelle
“The Rooster” by Glenn Rolfe

“Leukemia is Fookin’ Stoopid” by ‘Anna DeVine
“Where the Wild Welo Waits” by John Hawkhead
“Impossible is Nothing” by Jack Ivey
“Bumper Car Bandit” by David Pointer
“Wounded Star” by David Pointer

(table of contents are not yet listed in any official order)



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