“Vampiro” to appear in EVIL JESTER DIGEST VOLUME II

“Vampiro” tells the story of a young border patrol agent who is assigned to work with a crew at The Wall, the infamous stretch separating San Diego from Tijuana. He finds out what they’re really trying to keep out of the country are much worse than anything he ever imagined.

EVIL JESTER DIGEST VOLUME II is scheduled for a December 2012 release. The volume is edited by the one and only Peter Giglio.

The rest of the stories:

“No More Shadows” by Tim Waggoner

“A Curse and a Kiss” by Eric J. Guignard

“Deprivation” by Mark Allan Gunnells

“The Girl with the Thirsty Eyes” by Scott Bradley

“Slink” by Trent Zelazny

“Vampiro” by John Palisano

“Kristall Tag” by Holly Newstein

“The Tardy Hand of Miss Tangerine” by Jon Michael Kelley

“Vanishing Act” by Simon McCaffery

“Windows in the Wreckage” by Trent Zelazny

“Coyote Gambit” by Gene O’Neill

“Closing Time” by Amy Wallace


And here’s the image that will accompany “Vampiro” in the anthology:


From the introduction of the story by Peter Giglio:

Idealism withers for many reasons. For some, it comes with age—years spent battling the obstacles of a cruel world. For others, it’s simply the realization that personal wealth and the golden rule aren’t frequently the most beneficial bedfellows.

Sammy is an optimist who becomes a border patrol agent to put a bright, compassionate face on a difficult job. But he’s about to learn things aren’t that easy.

He’s about to take the harshest route to a dark reality he never dreamed possible.

John Palisano, L.A. denizen and all-around great guy, is the author of many fine horror tales. His latest novel, Nerves, is available from Bad Moon Books.

Rockin’! Makes me want to re-read the story with that in mind. Can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks.


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