When life takes us to the edge


When life takes us to the edge we are capable of drastic behavior. Over the past two years my struggle post-divorce has been experienced by so many of my close friends. Darkness unlike any before took over my spirit and survival seemed impossible. Looking over the edge, life seemed hopeless. There was no way to get through.

Luckily several things came together to dredge me from my own sorrow. The constant weight of sadness lifted and revealed a new, pink, raw flesh underneath. It is only now that the True John has re-emerged. Life has never been fantastic as it is now.

Darkness follows, its evil grin mocking you.

Over the past few months, since my recovery, this darkness has done its best to remind me, “I”m still here, buddy, whenever you’re through with your feel good, Happy Dappy Dance!”

Yesterday a person important to my development took his own life. There were so many great lessons he taught, mostly by example. Be good to people around you. Live life to the fullest. The Industry does not have to be lived in a mean-spirited, soulless way. We can be good. We can work hard to make film transcend and become art. We can inspire. We can spread ideas. We can use our positions to do more than just make profit.

As details emerge, his actions are understandable. It’s still a terrible tragedy, and my thoughts, love and blessings go out to his large and wonderful family. He touched me, ever so briefly, and it’s my intention to carry on the philosophies and choices.

So today, in his spirit, we rode to the local produce market and stocked up. Making a simple homemade guacamole, and squeezing a lime over it, many thoughts and memories played inside me. This is life. We are blessed with our wonderful foods, with our memories, with our actions and experiences. At the end of the story, it’s how not only how one lives, but also, how one decides to exit. Our time is short on this rock. And like ‘Bill & Ted’ said, and I paraphrase: let’s be excellent to each other, and let’s be excellent to ourselves.


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