Down the shore everything’s all right…

Living less than an hour from Malibu is amazing. The last few weekends have been spent taking in the surf and sand. The waves are giant, living up to their reputation made by generations of surfers. Playing in them with Leo has been amazing, and quite an amazing work out for both of us. Even with tons of sunblock, a couple of sunburns were inevitable.

Growing up in the coastal town of Norwalk, Connecticut, the ocean makes me very comfortable and feels very much like home. We had a great beach and a gorgeous marina. If Leo weren’t out here a move back would be inevitable.

For now, though, my sites are set on living in a beach town over the next few years. My brain needs equalization. The ocean gives that to me, in spades. It’s also where my best thinking comes out. Yesterday there were so many realizations and so many great ideas. When looking out toward the endless ocean, it feels like anything is possible, and my little wants and desires seems so simple in comparison to this massive entity.

This is a big narrowing down of what is important in life for me. This began with the expulsion of most of my material objects. It’s no longer comfortable for me to own many things. At this point, I find myself most comfortable with simplicity and lots of clean lines. Trim the fat.

As an artist and creative person, this is life. I once worked for a filmmaker who insisted the best creative people are messy and disorganized. Maybe that works for some people, but not for me. My head works best when there’s not a lot around me; when things are simple and clean. Only then can I truly get lost in what I’m working on.

We were treated when nearby fisherman caught a sting ray, and later, a leopard shark. They were thrown back, but not before many of us got to check them out. Leo’s eyes were as wide as they get. He wasn’t even scared to go back in the water, even though I secretly was.

The dogs, though, weren’t too keen about the water, which was surprising. I thought for sure they’d love cooling off at the dog beach. One never knows.

The day prior, for those following, my friend Reese stepped up in a big way. He texted me about my brakes for my Jeep, and offered his help. I love Reese, and it was a good chance to hang out and catch up. We were both shocked when the parts were a quarter the price of what the local shop quoted me. And they were better parts, too. So we met outside Mike’s house, who, bless his heart, offered us his driveway without even knowing we were coming. (I owe Mike more than I can ever repay).

Okay, so Reese did most of the work, and it was amazing watching him work. I learned a ton in the hour it took. Mostly, that it takes a very special mind to work on cars. Growing up and working at my uncle and grandfather’s auto body shop, Frankie’s Service, I can really appreciate that type of mind. I was not blessed with such. Instead, my head fills with stories and melodies.

Reese explained to me doing a tune-up would be pretty easy. We’re going to do that shortly.

The brakes worked wonderfully, and driving with Leo, Fawn and the dogs Henry and Coda, it felt so good to have the Beast up and running soundly once again. Nice having a big, safe family car to get us all to the beach. And man, don’t I love that first view once you crest the hill and you see the Pacific for the first time. Never fails to take my breath away. “Can you believe we live here?” asked Fawn. No. I can’t. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Because it’s not about your balance, or what you own, but about the memories and experiences you give and receive. These moments are better than money. How wonderful that one of the best things in the world to experience is free?


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