For years one of my dreams was to have my very own Jeep. Imagining myself riding in such a vehicle was so exciting. Soon after the divorce my $400 car died and a new vehicle was needed. Me and Mike shopped for used Jeeps and we rode all over Los Angeles looking at different options. Most were garbage, as my budget was really low. We eventually stumbled across one that seemed like a great fit. “Learn how to fix cars,” Mike said. How dire was his warning? Since owning my Cherokee, it feels like every month there is another bill.

One day the Jeep would not turn over. Since getting the Jeep, it often loses power and shuts off. That day it did not recover. I cannot recommend AAA enough, by the way. It took several calls to finally get the Mobile Mechanic to come and check it out. This might be an LA thing, as in all my years? Never heard of one. But there was this card that had been placed on my window once tucked into my glove compartment.

It took him and his helper three trips to the Jeep to figure out what was wrong. Some small part of the electrical system needed replacing. Boom. Jeep worked. $250 spent.

Fast forward a month later to a hot day on the 110 freeway. Riding back from the California Science Center with my son Leo, his dog Henry, and Fawn, the car became extremely hot. We made it all the way home to Lankershim Boulevard when, bam! White smoke straight out of a Bon Jovi video engulfed us. After pulling over safely, red fluid rained out from beneath the radiator onto the street. AAA came and towed us. Leo was excited because he got to watch it pulled onto a flatbead and he got to ride in the cab. Me? Not happy at all. Fawn and Henry stayed in the Jeep on the flatbed. Henry looked confused.

AAA recommended a shop, who were able to deduce the transmission cooling line had gone. Another $225 spent. But my Jeep worked. Honestly? Not feeling as good to drive anymore…felt like burning money.

That was last week, and last night? Griiiiind. Teear. Griiiind.

The brakes are shot and need replacing.

So with all this money being burned up, if I’m paying an average of $250 a month in repairs, and $120 in gas, why not take on a car payment for a new car? One that will be reliable, better on gas, have air conditioning, easier to park? Why not, indeed.

Because it was my dream to have this truck. During my marriage, my opinion was the least important. Things always had to be done for practical reasons. But those days are gone, and my decisions are my own. My dream came true. Too bad it’s turned into a nightmare. Or a daymare.

And now I’m daydreaming again.

A white Prius sure sounds nice. 


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