Sprinklers on a hot summer California day

A moment I will never forget as long as I live: me & Leo were going to play soccer at a playground, when he saw some massive sprinklers lining Griffith Park. We admired them for a few moments– pulled over. Then I thought, “heck with it!” and turned to him. “Wanna run through ’em?” 
We ran with our arms up through these massive sprinklers! We both saw the same rainbows. We both laughed so hard it hurt. Soaked to our bones, neither of us cared. We ran headfirst again and again. 
I had no towels and no change of clothes, so we used a couple of old jackets to sit on. I drove home looking and feeling like a drowned rat. And so what? Life is so short. Childhood is short. Who cares about wet clothes or cars? Memories and good times are more important. More fun than almost anything. 
While pulling out of the gas station on the way, an agitated woman yelled and screamed and through her arms up because we committed the crime of wanting to leave. As she did, her wipers came on. 
Rather than be angry, I turned on my wipers and did my best impression of her. Leo followed my example. Boy was she cross. 
So we kept it up the entire length of Cahuenga until she turned onto the freeway. She’d hate the fact that I spotted her doing so, but when she thought she was safely past us, she smiled. 
For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, I realize this post originated there. I just felt it was an important piece to share. Life is amazing if you let it be so.

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