Fade Out

Fade Out. 

What a beautiful pair of words to get to type, or auto-fill, thanks to Final Draft. It means the end of the story. It means something that was spinning inside your head like those caged circus motorcycles has been transcribed into a form shareable with others. 

Just a few moments ago, I made it to that place. It’s a great feeling. On this particular script, there were many challenges. Instead of simply tossing out a workable first draft, time was taken. Thought was given. Working out scenes before writing them helped. Voices were cast. Scenes were visualized. Pre-editing happened– how would this cut together? Why not simply leave out the parts that will likely get edited out of the final movie right away? 

Keep it moving. Keep it entertaining. Keep it creative. Keep it funny. 

This took lots more time than usual. I ran into my friend Cat Lee recently and she reminded me of college. I’d hole in in my micro-apartment in Boston and complete a full length script over a weekend. And these were massive, too. 120 pages was normal. 

I still have that work ethic, only now it’s much more focused. Those monstrous scripts often needed tons of editing. It’d take me 20 pages to figure out what I was writing. I’d go through several painstaking drafts, re-doing much of what I’d already written.

Not to say I’m still not going to do that. I’m in no way a first draft writer. Very few are. And that’s fine.

So now I’m going to organize a reading, tape it, see how it flows. Then it’s re-write time. Then it’s off to some folks I pitched it to back when Mars had water on it. (Note: don’t pitch scripts that aren’t done. Silly me: I thought I’d write it in a weekend. No good.)

For today, though, I can shift gears back to the novel re-write and focus on some other characters and stories demanding my attention. 

Fade Out. 


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