Following the light

Over the past day or so I’ve been working hard on a new screenplay. I’m at page 70, and it’s been hard won. With this one, I’m trying to make each scene sing, be funny, and be entertaining. I’m trying to cut out as much fat as I can during the process. Not easy. I’m used to throwing it all down and then going back and editing later. It’s really good to edit, but in making smart choices early on, I’m trying to minimize that, and make it as enjoyable a draft right out of the gate as possible.

I really don’t think I have a muse. I used to. I believed girlfriends were my muses. Then my wife was my muse. But then it dawned on me that it’s all coming from me, and that there’s nothing wrong with being in love with someone, and they can be very inspirational, but ultimately, John was steering the ship.

In fact, when I shared the reigns and let people in, the results were always disastrous. I should have listened to Springsteen when he said how very important it is that art is coming from one true voice.

Okay. So it took me a long time to know that, and make it happen. The results have been excellent. My book NERVES was uncompromised– my first major work that made it to the world with no one else but me to blame. It was terrifying. I couldn’t point any fingers. Its success and failure resided inside me.

Gratefully, it’s been met with almost overwhelmingly positive reviews. I’m so relieved.

I once heard a pastor say that if you are following your correct path, that it will bear fruit for your efforts. Writing has done that, and continues to. Every moment feels like I’m following the light.


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