GoDaddy is done!

Just had an absolutely dreadful experience with GoDaddy. My domain expired and they wanted over $100 to ‘reclaim’ my name. I had no warning, no phone calls…only an email that asked to renew for $12.99 a year. This bait & switch business is horrible, and the fellow on the phone was cold, uncaring, and really unsympathetic. I have for domains with them, and I won’t be renewing any of them, or working with those Dill Lovers again. So for the time being this will be the main portal for me and my work until I can figure out a way to get me name back. 


One thought on “GoDaddy is done!

  1. Sorry to hear about this experience with GoDaddy, John! I’ve had similar nightmares with hosts, and I sympathize–but you’ve got a good site here too 🙂 Hope you get your name back somehow! 🙂


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