Over the past few weeks I’ve had to get two new short stories and one revision taken care of for three different markets. I’ll be truthful in saying it’s been a challenge. Playing in the land of make believe while your house is in disorder can be a real challenge. The reward is worth the work. I always feel much better once I get these stories out of my head. They get lodged in my psyche until I do something about it, and damn everything that gets in the way. Yes: I hear voices and lines in my mind until they are typed out. I’m sure that’s pretty common for most people; it’s part of our consciousness.

My next self imposed deadline will be for the novels. In all honesty, the short story market is so small, and the amount of work it takes me to develop a short story is almost as much as a novel, that i might as well put my attention toward that.

I’m also a slow writer. I’m not blessed with having awesome first drafts. It takes me several passes to get a manuscript anywhere near ready for prime time.

That’s all for tonight. Thanks for tuning in.


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