On Inspiration

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to produce any kind of good work. Life can intervene. In the last year I’ve gone through a huge medical issue with my son and am still enduring through a rather tragic divorce.

During this time it’s been a challenge to dive into the land of make believe. The last thing I’ve wanted to do was to play around. Life was too hard, too rough, too mind-numbingly painful. But things still came out.

How? I channelled all of the feelings I was experiencing into my creative work. The loneliness I felt was transferred to my characters. The frustrations encompassing me surrounded the people in my stories. You know what? Just a tiny little piece of me felt better, too. It was as if I had an emotional exorcism.

One of the first stories, “X is for Xyx” was written very quickly, submitted, and ultimately accepted for the “M is for Monster” anthology. Now I’m busy redrafting two new ones. They all use the events similar to my real life, but they aren’t exact replicas. I took a lot of creative licenses.

The bottom line is that I always feel compelled to express myself through creative arts. I get these images…I hear words in my sleep…it’s like I’m haunted by these stories. Even during my darkest of times, the muse visits. And thankfully I’m still here listening.


One thought on “On Inspiration

  1. Pain is the most complex of a muse, but from her bitter seeds of desperation blooms some of the most catching work. Bleed the pain on paper and send it on it’s way my friend, I await the day you are the guest speaker at one of the Comicons or Book Expos discuss how it all began.
    Just know this-you are not as alone as you think you are.
    xo Chris Miller Peterson, From Norwalk, CT


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